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Chillin' Bones for Dogs


Chillin' Bonz frozen dog bones for summer fun


Chillin' Bonz

Every dog needs to have chillin' bonz in the summer. Our dogs are insanely happy about Chillin' Bonz - they sit in front of the freezer hoping that we get out the tray of Bonz! The Chillin' Bonz treat tray is water tight, leak proof and reusable. The space saver tray can be stored in the freezer flat, vertically or on it's side. The Chillin' Bonz Treat Tray comes with a recipe book full of yummy concoctions. Our dogs love Bonz made from apple juice, banana mashed with peanut butter and honey, chicken soup, and sweet potato mixed with maple syrup. Bonz are great fun and also cools him down on a hot summer day. The Great Fun!

Chillin' Bonz come in two sizes - large makes four large bonz - small makes 14 bonz.


Chillin' Bonz Small Tray $12.50



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