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What Puppies Do


What Puppies Do

What Puppies Do

What Puppies Do
Photographs by Sharon Beals
6-1/4 x 5 in; 64 pp; 30 duotone photos

Dogs will be dogs, and puppies will be...irresistible. What Puppies Do turns the camera on the uninhibited youngsters of the canine kingdom to discover what it is that they do best. In 30 endearing images accompanied by one-word captions that somehow say it all, photographer Sharon Beals succinctly captures the very essence of puppydom. From the adorable boxer pup chewing his sibling's snout to a rascally retriever mix collecting an array of shoes, these snaps of playful purebreds and mischievous mutts will start tails wagging. Sure to stop dog lovers in their tracks, this is just the thing to delight anyone who's ever had a puppy or wished for one.
Sharon Beals is the author of What Dogs Do. A commercial photographer, she lives in San Francisco.


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