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Doc Halligan's What Every Pet Owner Should Know

Doc Halligan's What Every Pet Owner Should Know

Doc Halligan's What Every Pet Owner Should Know

For the more than 73 million dogs and 90 million cats in the United States, Doc Halligan's What Every Pet Owner Should Know is the "go to" book for their owners and caregivers in need of easy-to-understand, expert advice on helping pets of any age stay healthy and remain a loving family member for years to come.

One of the country's most respected and leading authorities on preventive health care for pets, Doc Halligan provides a commonsense, practical approach to keeping your pet happy, healthy, and out of the emergency room.In a book that could only have been written by someone who has treated and cared for thousands of dogs and cats during her distinguished medical career, Doc Halligan puts her 20 years of veterinary medical and surgical experience at your fingertips, and gives you an easy-to-follow prescription for your pets' continued good health.Inside you will find:* A sample script for getting the most out of your vet visit
* Simple instructions for weekly home exams
* What to do in case of emergencies
* The scoop on lowering your vet bills
* The pros and cons of pet insuranceAnd many other preventive health care tips and words of wisdom from one loving pet owner to another.
From The Critics
Library Journal - Edell M. Schaefer
As the director of Veterinary Services for the Los Angeles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Toward Animals, Halligan has seen pet owners at their best and worst and knows full well their most common concerns. Her passion for education and motivation to give back even a little part of the unconditional love and affection animals have given her come across in this clear and concise guide to responsible pet ownership and basic care considerations. Chapters cover such topics as acquiring your new pet, feeding and nutrition, preventative care (e.g., grooming, home examinations), spaying/neutering, dental care, the hazards of obesity, talking to your vet, traveling with your pet, disaster preparedness, and senior pets. Illustrations are limited to black-and-white drawings, but that doesn't detract from the book's value. A comprehensive work written to appeal to the average or first-time pet owner, this is highly recommended.
Author Description

Dr. Karen Halligan, DVM, is Director of Veterinary Services at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Los Angeles (spcaLA). She is also in private practice in Venice, California, and appears regularly on Animal Planet, Animal Rescue 911, and other television news shows throughout the country. She shares her life in Los Angeles with Kinky and Nathan, two very spoiled (and healthy) cats.


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